Justin Angell

From Our Side
of the Fence

Justin Angell
EMCC Owner/Partner

As promised, the grass is greener than it was 30 days ago, but as we all know the next 30 days is the best. Trees blossoming, flowers blooming and grass exploding into spring. Our pound cow market hit a milestone last week when we sold a pound cow for $1.00. It’s been a while since that’s happened. The cattle market for grazing calves has been very good this spring with recent sales having 500 lb black steers at $2.00+ and 700 lb steers in the $1.70+ range.

Heading into grazing season, whether with stockers or new pairs, is the best time of the year for a cattleman. We often talk about what your favorite color is or your favorite food, but has anyone ever ask you what your favorite sound is? My favorite sound is opening the gate to a new pasture and sitting in my pickup just listening to the cattle mob graze.

Something about that grass pulling and tearing sound that I find incredibly relaxing. Speaking of new pairs, our April cow sale will be big and loaded with quality pairs and bred females. See a listing of early consignments on page 24.

I’ve said many times we live in the best time in history and the best part of the best country there is or ever has been. I find myself more thankful than ever whenever I watch news reels of the tragedy that is the Ukraine. Millions of people similar to us, through no fault of their own, have lost everything that they owned and have been forced to run for their lives with their children

The effects of Putin‘s excursion will be felt all over the world for decades. Not only do I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, I also feel sorry for the Russian people who will suffer for years under the international sanctions imposed by much of world aligned against them. The saddest part of this whole period of history is that it did not have to happen.

Bullies take advantage of weakness and right now the United States government is by far the most incompetent that I’ve ever seen. In the last year, there’s not been one single thing that the Biden administration has done that benefits the country or our people – think about it… not one thing.

This incompetence and growing list of defeats and policy errors is so egregious I believe it has become statistically impossible for it to be an accident or mere incompetence. To make this many mistakes and this many decisions that harm this country and more importantly to the benefit of China… I have come to believe that our leadership is compromised and these policies and leadership decisions that weaken our country and that is destroying the standard of living of our citizens are being executed by a compromised government and a compromised leader.

To be blunt, I think we are victims of treason. I have also come to believe that our history will eventually tell us how the Chinese duped this country for over 20 years, I just hope our future history books are not written in Mandarin Chinese. If you have interest in understanding this topic, I’d recommend reading “The Art of War”.

As we press forward towards the midterm election, the man to watch in Washington, D.C. is the special investigator/prosecutor John Durham. He has the chance to change history by bringing America the truth about Russia-gate and then indicting everyone involved in the conspiracy against a sitting president.

If Republicans win midterms in a sweeping red wave, congressional investigations will begin again. I think it is possible Joe Biden may be successfully impeached, as a consequence of evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. I think that the laptop evidence will point to traitorous actions by many well-known political figures and their families. The political winds have changed and will likely yield many investigations and prosecutions.

Soooo, what’s Washington, D.C. politics have to do with the cattle business? Cattle business hates uncertainty and almost always reacts negatively. Our Future, although fundamentally bright, may be a bit stressful. Because of the inhibited Ukrainian and Russian grain trade now through the foreseeable future, grain price volatility will not be transitory– like inflation – it is here to stay.

Speaking of our government induced inflation problem… The bottom line of how to stop rampant inflation? The government has to somehow destroy the economy. Paul Volker did it with high interest in the early 80s.

I believe Putin has been pushed into this war by NATO’s policy of encirclement, and now like manna from above the Fed, the government and all the irresponsible leaders that we have now have a plausible scapegoat at to whom to blame all of the consequences. Putin is not to blame for overall inflation or specifically gas prices going up. Nearly everything bad happening right now are political policy choices. I can’t really tell what the plan to stop inflation is this time. Maybe the plan is to let inflation run…. You can’t use higher interest rates as brakes when the government owes $30 trillion… we’ll have to stay tuned on this one.

There is more I’m sure I would have strong opinions about this month but I will let them go for now. I’m looking forward to spring and I will see you at the auction!