From Our Side
of the Fence

Justin Angell
– Contributing Writer

Hello Everyone,

Last week was a big week. Tuesday, I signed the papers selling my share of Eastern Missouri Commission Company. On Wednesday, the doctors took a bone saw and cut the bottom of my leg off and replaced my ankle joint with plastic and steel. Of those two ordeals, I’m pretty sure selling the barn hurt the worst.

Fortunately, Nurse Ratchet has a supply of magic white pills that transports me from the hurt zone to cloud nine in only a few minutes. Nurse Kelly has also supplied me with an endless supply of nutrition and ice achieving this with only two slight meltdowns (so far).
As those of you who know me can imagine, my body is in neutral but my mind is going 100 miles per hour.

So now that I’m laid up for a few months I think it’s most important that I keep looking forward and utilize this time to develop a plan for the future and the skills to implement it. So let’s talk about the future.

Thankfully, the drought weather for most of middle America has moderated. The cattle market is still incredible and should be strong for many many months.

I’ve privately told people that by next spring we’d see grazing calves at $4 cwt. I was wrong. It’s beginning to happen now. 600 lb steers bring either side of $3 and big yearling steers mostly $2.40 or more.

Opportunity may still reside in bred females. Cow prices are up but have not skyrocketed to the elevated levels calves and feeders have. According to cattle cycle history, the cow prices will outrun the current market soon, certainly by spring grass.

If you have feed and the room; buy ’em now.

Although we have relief from a drought this week, the heat index has been off the chart. I want to throw a shout out and a big thank you to my daughter Savannah, son-in-law and little Paisley. They are currently struggling calving my fall cows. Hang on cowboys it’ll cool down soon.

On a different topic since I’m required to “keep my toes above my nose” for 2 weeks I’ve watched a lot of TV. I’d recommend 3 movies/shows:

1) In theaters – Sound of Freedom
2) Netflix – “Quarterbacks”
3) Netflix – “Suits”

I guess this is all for this month.