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From the Publisher …
Jon Angell

This is the second issue with the new printer. Things worked out fine, and we are getting used to the changes described last month. For me, the good news is that the feature article that I penned last month evidently was pretty accurate. No angry phone calls and no need for retractions or corrections this month. I guess my note taking and scribble interpretations were accurate.

Since the feature from last month worked out okay, I guess I will give that reporter (me) another chance at writing a story or two. I have reached out and I did have someone in the newspaper industry ask about collaborating more. There is a need for local content everywhere.

This month we went beyond local for our feature story that originally ran in the Livestock Weekly out of Texas. I got turned on to the Livestock Weekly from my dad and uncle who were long time subscribers. Most weeks they run a feature of some retiring rancher, feedlot manager, brand inspector, or ranger. They are nearly always interesting to me.

Retired lawman Warren Yeager has a few good stories to tell. He comes across as an ornery and mischievous kind of guy. Those guys filled with onery seem to always have the best tales. I do like how Yeager speaks highly of the reputation of the Texas Rangers and honors those that came before him. You can clearly hear that he didn’t want to do anything to dishonor the organization.

It seems like this is one of the busiest times of the year. There is a lot of planning and preparation for Spring that happens right now. Additionally, I find myself hustling to complete things that have to be done, that I didn’t get done through the fall before winter set in. My latest example of this is a couple of new lots I built through the summer and into the fall. We finally threw up our hands and filled the pens and said the rest will wait.

I’m planning on selling some steers at next Friday’s auction. Well, maybe I will. I still need to rebuild the floor to the loading chute. But do I do that before or after I revaccinate? And don’t forget weaning some fall born calves, has anyone checked the Almanac to see if the sign was right?

As much as there is to do, and the many things I have failed to get done, I have to say I have a pretty good job. I sure do enjoy watching the cattle come to the bunk, out grazing, or them enjoying lounging in the sun. Doing the feeding, revaccinating, and everything else, what a blessing… I’m sure many of you agree.

Before I take-off, let me say we have plenty of news to offer this month. Be sure to check out our advertisers as there are several auctions and production sales that will be of interest to our readers.

Our friend Richard Henke has an auction upcoming for Tom and Linda Groves that looks interesting. Tom and Linda have been long time customers and big supporters of the local cattleman’s association.

Be sure to go online as there are numerous photos and a detailed listing, I hope to attend myself.

Also, after Bob passed away, Barb Brouster has decided to retire. Barb and Bob bought and sold a world of cattle with us over the years. If buyer number 20 has showed up on your sale invoice at EMCC, the chances are pretty good they went to Barb and Bob. They specialized in buying bulls and odd steers to straighten them out, grow them and sell load lots of big yearlings. She will be selling the last of the steers, a slug of them, this coming Friday. If you are interested in tools, feeding and cattle equipment, it will be another good auction to attend the end of March. See the ad on page 8.

For those of you that know Huck at the sale barn, he has had some major health concerns. They were caught early and he has responded well to his treatments. If you want to attend his Moove Over Cancer Benefit at the fairgrounds, get your tickets early. See the details on page 17. I expect that to be fun time and expect it to sell out. Join Huck’s Herd!

So, find a quiet place and enjoy reading. Thanks to all the advertisers and readers for your continued support. More improvements are coming to these pages in the coming year. Keep reading, and we’ll get together again next month. But for right now I have a deadline to make… for the first time in a long time the deadline I’m worried about doesn’t involve the paper, I’m building a loading chute.

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