From the Publisher …
Jon Angell

Jon Angell

Look who provided the feature this month. Our youth editor and Arkansas Razorback Schyler Angell has stepped up her writing game. Is anyone interested in going to the races? As she describes it, it sounds like a real hoot of a wild time that might just have to be added to my bucket list.

My comments are going to be really short this month. I have been running hard and losing ground.

To illustrate this weekend, when I am supposed to be working on the paper, my farm help is out of town. The cows have gotten out Friday night, and again Sunday night and now this Monday morning on print day.

And if that isn’t enough pressure, Chuck in the design and layout department has sent me two messages that state “Just remember the paper waits for no one…” I think he is trying to tell me something like; “cows out or not, ready or not, deadlines are real.”

I believe he is serious. LOL

I guess my fence patches and fixes aren’t doing the job anymore. They have got grass… but you know what they say about the grass on the other side. With fall in full swing – the days shorter and winter surely on the way – I am not ready!

Most of us can relate to the same feeling.

Speaking of the other side…the other side of election day Tuesday. There isn’t any use in getting too political, since you will not see this issue until after the midterm elections.

As an unapologetic conservative, my readers no doubt understand that I am hoping and praying for what political pundits are describing as a red wave. If so, I wanted it stated here that I’m hoping that red wave is large enough to knock Sen. Mitch McConnell off from Republican leadership. Mitch is a District of Columbia Swamp Monster. He needs to go back to Kentucky if the results are what I think they might be after Tuesday.

The incoming crop of young Senators have a lot of potential to give control of the Senate back to
Republicans, but likely not enough numbers to not change RINO leadership. There is a lot of team
rebuilding that needs done.

As always, we have a lot of good stuff in these pages. So take your time reading and enjoy. Thanks for your continued support of our efforts!