Digging Deeper …

by Justin Angell

If you were raised and molded by my father Luther Angell and Uncle Charles, family character, honor, and integrity were more than just expected qualities; they were absolutely essential. Apparently, in last month’s issue, while I was praising my new coworkers in Palmyra, it got back to me that some of my former coworkers in Bowling Green took it as a backhanded compliment. In no way did I see it that way nor was it remotely intended that way.

I am actually dumbfounded to think that anyone that I worked with the past 25 years would even think I would think ill or say anything derogatory about them. Of course, there were a few guys over the years that weren’t very good salebarn help, but I still liked them. Then there might be a couple of guys that upset me, but over time all that has faded and there is no one that I’ve worked with that I wouldn’t go out of my way to help.

I’ve never thought it’s right to publicly offend someone and then only apologize privately, I believe a public offense should be rectified with a public apology. So, I would like to offer my sincerest apology to anyone I may have offended by complimenting my new coworkers or anything else I’ve written or said.

Complimenting them is in no way speaking ill of anyone from my previous employment. As a matter fact, I’ll just say it right here. I miss you guys. Not only did we build a business that made a living for all of us, we built many memories through shared experiences that make for enduring friendships. The truth is Bowling Green is where I did a lot of my growing up.

I could tell great stories for hours about individuals, especially the seven origins: John Sutton, Mike Bolte, Jaun Huckstep, Monte Niemeyer and Frank Scherder, Terry Syrcle and the best Scherder (I’m thinking Lisa….sorry Kevin). Those seven were with us from the beginning and they played a huge part in the success of that salebarn, because I guarantee you one person cannot make a business like that successful. And besides those guys, I have fond memories of many others, coworkers, customers and friends that made their impact on the place…. And on me!

So here I am exactly a year after I was expecting to have died, I’m feeling better now than I have in over ten years. I’m starting over in a career that I love.

When I finally started feeling better and looking at job prospects, I figured my qualifications gave me two options. I could work at a sale barn or I could be a Walmart greeter. I chose the salebarn career because I thought the Walmart position had no upside and I haven’t any experience with anything else.

For anyone who wondered why I ended up at Palmyra this is why. My wise old dad had a lot of things figured out. One time we were driving across the pasture just looking at cattle a couple years before he died and out of the blue, he said, “you know if anything ever happens to Bowling Green, I think I would like to end up at Palmyra. Palmyra has good people up there with good cattle and close to home too. Yep, if anything happens to Bowling Green, I’d land in Palmyra”.

I want to thank Al and Katie for giving me a chance to live a life I love again.

I miss all you EMCC guys, but I still need to make a living too. I believe God puts us where we are supposed to be when we’re supposed to be there. I’m going to keep living my exceptionally blessed life, and I am going to bloom where I am planted. Anybody that I work with and work for, I’m going to give them my one hundred percent just like I’ve done my whole life. I hope from here, we can enjoy a level of professional courtesy on the field and off the field.

The way I look at it I’m nothing more than an old veteran ball player that’s been traded to a new team. I’m grateful I have the chance to be on the field again and in my final few seasons I’m gonna do everything I can to make my new team prosperous. Think about how lucky I am in the closing years in my career that I’ve got somebody willing to give me a chance to end on a higher note.

This has been a little difficult for me to write, but I would be interested in hearing from old friends whether you be coworkers or customers. Everyone reading this has my phone number, so hopefully, I’ll get a call or two