From Our Side of the Fence

EMCC Owner/Partner

In a year where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong it is nice to have weather like this for harvest as grain prices are roaring higher. By the time this is printed and mailed, at the rate the farmers are running almost most the crops will be in the bin.

What makes this harvest exceptional is the market is actually rising for all major grains. [Editor’s note: Increasing grain price at harvest is pressuring calves lower at print time] I’m confident this is the result of the continuing catastrophe Chinese agriculture is experiencing. Of course the national media is mostly missing this story, but I believe it will eventually float to the top.

Looking forward, I don’t think you can fix a crop failure for 1/4 of the world’s population with one growing season, so there is a strong possibility that next year will be better yet. Eternally optimistic.

As for protein products, it stands to reason that there will be a surge in demand also. Beef producers are in line for much better prices next year also as beef exports remain exceptionally high and domestic consumption will escalate with the resurgence of the domestic restaurant trade. Unfortunately, we will still have the greed of the packers to deal with again.

Bright spot in the market was found at last week’s bred cow sale. At that sale, the premier consignment was the late Burt Powers. His younger fall pairs brought a little over $2000 and his best spring calving cows brought $1700.

I guess with early ballots the presidential election has started. With yet another Biden red flag warning in the form of a lost laptop for Hunter. Information about the story is being heavily censored by media and social media platforms.

I don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal Republican or Democrat censorship should alarm all Americans.

Interestingly, according to Jim Rickards, in 2016 Donald Trump won the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes, but today’s polls show Biden is leading by a significant margin. Oddly enough in the first 10 months of 2020 there were 276,648 first time gun owners.

Assuming gun owners will be much more likely to vote for Trump I think the national polls may be skewed, misleading and wrong.

Corbitt Wall related a story from one of his friends who travels extensively driving throughout the Midwest. When asked his opinion of the upcoming election he said that if you go by the number of signs that he sees roadside, Biden is actually in fourth place behind Trump, firewood for sale and hay for sale. That’s country humor at its finest.

All jokes aside, a much, much, bigger issue for America and the freedom of her people is the widespread blatant censorship of print media and social platforms. This election is so weird in so many ways, hopefully all will be fine after the election. By the time this is read we won’t have long till the election November 3, but I’m wondering how long it will take to definitively declare the winner.

So many things this year have been difficult for many people, but this week my family has experienced one more addition to that dubious 2020 list. A little over a week ago my mother suddenly passed away –– only 4 1/2 months after my father passed. A good family friend shared with me his condolences and his theory. Nathan proposes that heaven is having trouble with my father and God has just called for backup. The more you think about that the funnier it gets. Thank you to all of you who reached out with thoughts and prayers. Everything prior to these last couple paragraphs was actually written two weeks ago. To be really honest, it’s late Sunday night and new words just aren’t coming. Classic case of writer’s block.

I promise a much better effort next month... that’s all for now see you at the auction.