From Our Side of the Fence

EMCC Owner/Partner

First order of business this month is I would like to thank everyone who called, texted or mailed cards with their sympa-thies for the passing of my father, Luther Angell. The people around my family for the last few weeks have definitely been a beautiful silver lining. Obviously a big change in our lives, but life does go on even though it will be very different now.

As a country, we seem to be entirely in a season of change and there may be no greater area of change than in agriculture and specifically the Livestock business right now. Sometimes change is good, some change is bad, but the majority of change is neither -
- it’s just different. Different challenges, different rewards, different expectations,
different outcomes.

Moving forward, I believe animal agriculture’s greatest challenge will be increasing the percentage of retail value that comes back to the farm and ranch producers. Unless you live under a rock, we do not have to cover all that has occurred since March due to the China flu pandemic and the resulting collateral damage to all the lives and businesses in this country, not just agriculture.

I feel it is safe to say that after seeing empty meat case shelves, food production and distribution in the public view will never be the same. For about three months, it has been impossible to buy a chest type freezer in Columbia. Mo. or surrounding areas. Because of the disruption in the food (specifically beef), grocery and necessities (TP) distribution network, many Americans have met this problem head on investing in freezers and finding other sources of beef than the traditional grocery store.

Purchasing fed cattle and processed beef directly from farmers and ranchers signals a major paradigm shift in beef marketing and distribution. More importantly, we see a positive change in the attitudes and appreciation of consumers about the importance and fragility of their food supply. Once they’ve invested in freezer storage and get the good stuff directly from us, I doubt that many of them will go back to the bargain beef bin at their local Piggly Wiggly.

In total, after we get through this disaster this may be the best thing that has ever happened to agriculture and the people in this country. I say that knowing that we have not seen the worst of our economic problems yet.

Another unrelated but interesting example of radical change is according to the Wall Street Journal last month was the first month energy usage in this country produced by renewable fuels exceeded energy usage produced by coal. Another paradigm shift.

So let’s talk about the cattle business. We still have approximately 1 million over finished fed cattle that should’ve been harvested and starting this week the downward pressure on the market will become excessive. Corbitt Wall related the story where one farmer feeder finally got shackle space for his over fed steers. The outgoing weight was almost 2000 pounds per head. Even running Saturday shifts, the packing industry will never catch up. The only unknown is how many cattle the small lockers and individuals have absorbed. As we fall into the over-supply abyss, the price for fats will be whatever the packers want to give. If I were to predict the low fat price in the next 60 days I will say $20 less than lean kill bulls or near cow price, so roughly $.87.

Fortunately for most of our customers, the calf and feeder market has been relatively very high. Heavyweight steers $170 and 800 lb steers @$130 Cattle runs all over the Midwest have picked up this week, with a lot of cattle coming to town that have been held back waiting for a better market. The pound cow market has also stepped up in the last few weeks with most of the cows in the $.65 to $.75 range and higher yielding cows up into the mid$.80’s. Kill bulls are $.97 to $1.07 with the best bulls $1.12 or better. Note that is $12 over the fading fat cattle market.

Our Bowling Green market has been running higher numbers due to a great following coming from our Boonville customers. For the month of June, I think we sold 90% of the feeder cattle in Bowling Green that we would have sold in Boonville. I’m sure comparatively it’s inconvenient for Boonville area producers, but the way the industry is evolving I’m sure the net checks selling in BG are greater due to the greater participation from corporate buyers. This consolidation has been financially beneficial for all our customers.

And finally a few words of encouragement about our insane world. A culture without knowledge of its history is a culture like a ship without a rudder or an anchor. History is the rock which a society builds itself upon. The study of history is important because knowledge of history is the only way to keep from repeating past mistakes. If we erase our history and culture, or worse, allow it to be rewritten to serve any group’s political narrative, we will be doomed to be a lost tribe of slaves wandering in the desert.

Who are these crazy people? Tucker Carlson correctly pointed out that most of these people that are tearing down statues, vandalizing and rioting are actually incredibly ignorant, stupid, dumb people. For the most part they are the useful idiots being used by a sinister, evil group of anti-American globalists. Those protesting and believing they are in an anti-fascist movement actually are the fascist. Those peacefully protesting often are the ones that turn to violence when they encounter someone who does not agree with their philosophy or whom challenges them intellectually.

The statues that have been defaced or torn down include revolutionary war and civil war leaders from both sides. They have even included Abraham Lincoln and abolitionists, not to mention the defacement and desecration of churches. There is one statue in Seattle however that has not been torn down or defaced… That would be a statue of the father of communism, Vladimir Lenin. If you’re not sure who these protesters/anarchists are, that pretty well explains it.

I am waiting perhaps naïvely for the Justice Department under Bill Barr to hold accountable the treasonous Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strokz and all of those other people who have lived above the law for decades in Washington, D.C. There are many leading Democrats and Republicans alike that are in panic at the prospect of a Trump re-election because if that happens, they will go to jail. General Flynn being released reaffirms my belief that the Patriots are winning.

There is a very, very, important election coming in November and between now and then the world we live in will get crazier and more surreal. We have passed through the calm and the storm is now upon us. Hopefully after the election, sanity will return to our country along with enforced law and order.

I guess that’s all for this month so I’ll see you at the auction.