From Our Side of the Fence

EMCC Owner/Partner

I’m settled into my office on a Sunday morning with the 1993 Nirvana unplugged MTV concert playing on the computer. Just got the text from my editor wondering if I will have an article for this month. Hard to write an article when the biggest influence on the cattle business for months to come happened yesterday.

I am speaking of the Xi Jinping- Trump meeting in Argentina at the G20 summit. The picture released showed Trump with treasury Secretary Munchin and head negotiator Lighthizer to his left and then to his right were Sec. of State Pompeo, Bolton, Navaro and General Kelly. For the first time in many years, the Chinese finally had someone sitting across the table from this country that we’re not going to be pushovers.

For the first time in many years, the Chinese were sitting across the table from American patriots, not American politicians, many of whom were bought and paid for. For the first time in many years, I feel like we have an administration that is actually an advocate for ME.

Love him or hate him, I do not believe Trump is for sale. I do not believe Bolten, Navaro or Kelly could be bought at any price. The result of this meeting is we have 90 days to negotiate trade issues. During this time, the Chinese have agreed to buy substantially more energy, agricultural and industrial products.

Basically, we now have a truce in a trade war. The next 90 days will determine if trade between two great nations becomes fairer or if we potentially slip into Cold War reminiscent of the Soviet era.

Hope springs eternal. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I realize we are a long way from home, but an old Chinese proverb says “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. I’m very curious how the futures markets will respond Monday.
Finally, I do not believe this country can continue to operate effectively with a two-tiered legal system. Who are these elites in Washington, D.C. and why do they continue to get a pass because they are politically connected? Hopefully very soon, justice and the Rule of Law will soon prevail. For those interested, the event to watch is John Huber’s Congressional testimony December 5. What happens the days after his testimony will determine the amount if any justice that will be achieved.

Closer to home, we had a very good Thanksgiving cow sale. Prices were good, but from top to bottom the quality on 450 cows and heifers was excellent. Boonville buyers were again well represented with 25 percent heading to the southern half of the trade territory. Quickly $1500-$1800 bred cows. Pairs up to $2300 and most bred heifers either side of $1900.
Next cow sales are Boonville December 18 and BG December 21.

Speaking of bred heifers, the Rich Vehige-Deer Creek Bred Heifer Sale will be a treat. I’ve seen the heifers and I will attest they are the best quality ever presented. If you appreciate good cattle, I’d encourage you to attend. Also the fall run is happening right now with 7,000 to sell before December 14.

As we head into the Christmas season I’m looking forward to a little break and some quality family time. I hope all of you enjoy your Christmas season. I’m looking forward to 2019. The final thought for this month or perhaps the first thought for 2019 was found inside a Dove dark chocolate wrapper. “Be fearlessly authentic”

That’s all for this month, I’ll see ya at the auction!