From Our Side of the Fence

EMCC Owner/Partner

One of my mentors growing up at the old Columbia sale barn was a wise old man named Billy Wade. Billy was a small man in his 80s, both very sharp and very wise. A depression-era country boy, Billy had a saying “it hasn’t ever got so bad that it can’t get worse.” Not really very optimistic, but purely realistic.

As 2020 finally fades, besides a fraudulent election, she has given me one more challenge as I’ve acquired a healthy case of the China COVID-19 virus. Today is Thanksgiving and I’m two days without flu symptoms. My first day out of a mandatory Boone County quarantine is cow sale Saturday, so guarantee I’m looking forward to that.

This year’s Annual Autumn cow sale was big and loaded with great quality. The sale report will be printed in this paper’s market report and will also be archived online. The prices in most instances are impressive on paper, but the paper cannot do justice to the quality offered at the sale.

Do you need to replace some cows or build a cow herd? This December Cow Sale will not be as voluminous as the recent Saturday after Thanksgiving cow sale, but the quality will be deep here also. You can have another chance at some outstanding females … see the ad on the back page and check-in online closer to that December 18 cow sale day.

This will be our last auction of 2020. It rarely happens, but because Christmas and New Years Day both fall on a Friday we will be off two weeks!

Looking forward, the first two weeks of December will both be yearling and weaned calf specials. We are expecting 1,500-2,500 head each week. The feeder market we’ve had the last few weeks will probably carry through December. Yearling prices are relatively high, weaned vaccinated calves are good and finally calves off the cow without vaccinations are a lot cheaper than program calves as they should be.

Of course, I’m going to comment briefly in our recent third world style election. I never thought that “they” could ever pull that off in America but “they” sure as hell did it. Most troubling was the blatant arrogance by those perpetrators of this fraud. In short, I am amazed, appalled, and disgusted. By all accounts, this election is not fair, it was not honest and as more time passes, it’s beginning to look like it is not anything but stolen.

Although I hold out hope that this election fraud will be overturned and the Trump presidency restored, I’m not sure why I even hope that since no one has gone to jail in Washington for many years. This was probably the last chance in my lifetime to re-establish justice in this country.

I guarantee that China has something to do with the cyber aspect of this fraud.

We all know corruption in Washington, D.C. is nothing new. Allow me to tell a story of historical interest that may just apply to the history we make today.

After World War I, there was a highly decorated hero, Smedley Butler, who was very popular with the American people. In the 1930s, he was approached by several international American businessman who wanted him to use his influence with the VFW and the people to support these wealthiest businessmen in their attempt to oust then president Franklin Roosevelt. To Butler’s credit, although he was offered a bribe, (now called a consulting fee) of by today’s standards equates to $2,000,000, Smedley Butler not only turned them down he turned them in.

Unfortunately, like today, his testimony was classified and was not released to the public for decades. Also, ironically, one of the corrupt businessmen was Prescott Bush.

Smedley Butler eventually wrote a book called “War is a Racket” in which he describes the corruption and what he believed was the limited roll the military should play in American foreign policy. I’m sure if he were here today and saw the corruption and the greed of Washington, D.C. and our disastrous foreign policy, he too would be incredulous and disgusted. How many times have we heard and how many young American lives have we lost protecting “American interest” overseas?

Smedley Butler is remembered by a popular quote, “the only two things we should fight for is to defend our families and protect our Bill of Rights and the Constitution”.

Amazingly we find ourselves today at a similar juncture in history. We should know in the next 30 days a lot more about where we live and the people in our government. A more important revelation... we will find out a lot about ourselves.

For a few months in search of optimism, I’ve stretched trying to rekindle the belief that China was soon going to need to buy millions of pounds of beef from North America. Well, last week for the first time I was able to confirm American beef was being signed up and sold with affidavits to allow export to China. With a little hope the floodgates into China will be wide open.

With luck, something that seems in short supply, maybe we’ll get things going by April 2021.

That’s all I’ve got this week... I’ll see you at the sale.