From Our Side of the Fence

EMCC Owner/Partner

Welcome to 2020 – a promising new year. This New Year is sooo different than a year ago. Last year, the only thing worse than the market was the muddy winter weather. I know it’s still a bit premature, but can you imagine 90 days into the future? The grass will be green and growing many pastures covered not with snow, but new spring calves. Hopefully by then the April fed cattle market has stepped up into the $1.30s and we have a chance to make a living again.

Packer’s margin has narrowed, but is still outrageous. One thing we can do to help ourselves is get behind the movement supporting legislation known as “The U.S. Beef Integrity Act”. It closes the “loophole” that allows our packer buddies to bring tons of (Brazilian) beef into this country and label it as “Product of the USA”. It so stupid to even have to have this push cuz this is so wrong.

Call your Senators.

The last fed cattle market of 2019 finally made it to $1.20. As January dawns, I’m looking forward to an improving feeder market also. Hopefully as the markets open in January, fat cattle keep walking up, then perhaps we will be able to get over $1.60 for the best 7 and 8 weight yearling steers, which is a lot better than my memory of a year ago.

So what’s new in this slow news season? Significantly for agriculture, Donald Trump and his negotiating team have won (at least for now) the trade war with China. The biggest reason for Chinese concessions allowing a deal to be reached is because after following the political impeachment circus, the Chinese have concluded that Donald Trump will be re-elected in the fall of 2020. As far as impeachment goes, “Q” says that the corrupt coup conspirators arrest and punishment is near and there is nothing anyone of them can do to stop it. Q indicates the corruption is worse than we can comprehend but recommends we just sit back and enjoy the show.

Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind, but somehow she found time after 8 months of legislation kidnapping to bring the USMCA to the house floor for immediate approval. At the announcement, she and her House colleagues took credit for the negotiations and success of this new North American trade agreement.

Oh Nancy... you’re like a lost pup.

China’s negotiating position continues to deteriorate with their hogs continuing to die and their economy sliding toward zero growth. As more time passes, it looks to me like China has made a terrible error taking on The Trump. Many companies are leaving China, constructing new manufacturing facilities in other countries never to return. Those that know are also reporting that money is flooding out of the country also. That would indicate a loss of confidence by some Chinese. I hate to see anyone suffer but ... China’s communist ruling class is not our friend and never will be.

How about a little cattle update? We’re coming off a very nice December cow sale – nice cattle, nice prices. The January 17 cow sale will be another sale loaded with quality. Our first feature consignment is a good one consisting of 70 three-year-old black cows bred to calve with their second calf at the end of March. Quality is excellent!

Speaking of quality offerings, we also are hosting Deer Creek Cattle Co. sale the week prior. I have recently made a farm visit to see firsthand a fantastic selection of bred heifers from Rich Vehige’s replacement program. Plan on joining us at the Deer Creek Cattle Co sale on Wednesday, January 8. Be sure to look at the ad in this issue or find the link to his offerings online in greater detail; Jon will have a link on

Also coming up at our Boonville facility is the McBee roundup on January 14 in conjunction with our Tuesday sale. We are expecting between 500 to 600 head of weaned and vaccinated calves with McBee genetics. We will pre-sort those into several groups of larger co-mingled offerings.

Just an FYI, the kid page writer is my youngest daughter. My priority for the past five years has been raising her, my last baby. If you read her column or know her personally you know as I do she’s all grown up now... I’ll be spending more time in the Boonville area and so I’m available to our customers and customers to come. Give me a call or come see me on Monday afternoons at the barn.

I’m enjoying a few days off but will be ready in January to go again. That’s for all this time I’ll see you at the auction!