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Cull Until It Hurts?
Up front for this issue, we have an article that is directed largely toward our cow/calf readers, but the underling principles described can be broadly applied in other areas too. I don’t handle too many cows myself as I prefer grazing calves and yearlings, but after reading the first several paragraphs in this story, I was in for reading the whole article.

I was once told, and it stuck with me, that to have a profitable cow herd you had to cull quick and hard. “You can’t make excuses for them, they either do their job or send them down the road.” If it wasn’t painful the first few years, I was told you probably aren’t culling hard enough. That was quickly followed by after two or three seasons of no excuse culling, it is amazing how many problems of maintaining the herd just magically nearly all disappear. In this feature, Dr. Prather presents much of the same theory, but gives the stats and research that explain it.

Love the Look
Also upfront is a submitted photo from the Browns of their April Cow Sale consignment. I really like the composition of this photo; what a wonderful representation. It didn’t hurt a thing that they had such fancy stock as the subject to begin with. As the successful bidder to many of the fancy consignments coming up, you too could snap and submit your own photos. Although we can only print an occasional photo… submissions are always welcome and considered. Who knows; maybe you have front page material too.

Spending and the Economy
Below the fold on the front is a story about the contributions of Federal spending to Missouri. As a conservative I have a few foundational thoughts on governmental spending that might be worth mentioning in our current political and economic environment. Let’s see how many people I can alienate with this month’s rant?

The new administration came in with the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome to be displayed publicly. Although constantly proclaiming to “follow the science” at every turn on the first days in office, every effort was made to undo any and every thing Trump without the slightest consideration of that basic scientific concept of “cause and effect” nor the whole field of “Laws of Unintended Consequences.” Expect the largest spending and government expansion push in many decades. It has been reported that Biden and some of his staff had a meeting with several liberal historians that have advised them to “Go Big!” I believe this BAD advice.

Any spending by the government must either be taken first from the private sector (through taxes, fees, etc.) or borrowed to eventually be taken from the private sector later. With that in mind, any money the government is spending usually comes as a drag to the private sector. Private sector spending is nearly always more efficient and beneficial. Exceptions as an example would include such things as new bridges that maybe save the fuel and time of a 100,000 people every day for years. Government bureaucracies and politicians are notoriously wasteful spenders though. Spending for spending’s sake is a bad idea. Those with a Keynesian economic mindset just don’t get it. Also, trying to pin the tag of investing on to government spending insanity does not magically make it so. We have all heard the stories of “bridges to nowhere” and green energy “investments” (what a tragic joke) such as solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

Chinese Conspiracy Theory
Irresponsible spending policies are far from anything new; the timing and the starting point is. We face in the Chinese threat an adversary that is committed to evolving into the dominating world power. They are also committed to unconventional warfare, including biological warfare, technological warfare, espionage/deception, and also for our purposes in this discussion, economic warfare. They have plans, they have patience and from an outsider like me, it appears that they have in place a long list of notable people, departments and companies that are all too willing to “sell out” and accommodate. The Chinese greatest hope is to conquer Western Civilization without firing a shot… through unconventional economic warfare.

This is accomplished through many tactics that are plainly seen by anyone willing to simply look. The have infiltrated and manipulated Hollywood, our sports franchises and many of our leading corporations. I believe that much of the domestic unrest, crazy narratives from the “woke” and the policy pushes are damaging our way of life that may take us beyond… getting it back.

Our economy was stressed by the Wu Flu… originated in China. Whether intentional or accidental, the communist made certain that it was exported to “the West.” Through the World Health Organization, misinformation was spread and narratives of the requirement for a lockdown being required to as the only course of action. Legitimate economic activity and income have been crushed, supply chains disrupted and regular incentives and pricings have been totally manipulated. Our Federal debt has exploded, to the point of near, if not exceeding, our gross domestic production. Mathematically, that puts the economy in a precarious position. Sounds like crazy conspiracy theory doesn’t it. But I have little doubt that communist Chinese are active in fanning the flames of discontent, misinformation and poor decision making.

Looking at the border fiasco. The Mexican Cartels run the U.S./Mexico border. They are better financed and more powerful than the Mexican government. In fact, with the lawlessness and pervasive corruption in Mexico, I would almost declare Mexico a failed state. Current administration policy is only worsening that situation. It has widely been reported that the Mexican Cartels traffic Chinese drugs into America. We have a huge and growing epidemic of drug use and overdose deaths here. This is weakening our economy and demoralizing our country, at the same time enriching our national enemies and advancing the nonconventional economic warfare goals of the Chinese. I could run on for many pages to the details, but I haven’t the time nor the space. My point is it is right there for anyone to see if they will only make the most minimal effort to look!

Biden and the Kids
I never thought I would see a President in my lifetime worse than Jimmy Carter; a good man but a disastrous President. President Biden is trying to make Jimmy look like a rank amateur. Now my purpose for these words is not to poke my liberal friends/readers in the eye or incite angry letters to the publisher. I am as I have said numerous times an unapologetic conservative. Biden has never been conservative his whole career. Elections have consequences and so will the actions and policy Biden is pursuing with the help of a generation of kids that grew up earning participation ribbons and attending Universities that attacked and demonized traditional American history, values, and likely had no honest presentation of a conservative perspective their whole life.

These people remind me of a meme I saw on the internet the other day. “You people act like you have never been held at the arm by your momma and whooped in a circle; and it shows.” Hunter Biden could be the poster child for the current generation pulling the strings in the Biden administration. President Biden obviously has a diminished capacity and the kids (in comparison to his age) running things around him have been coddled in safe spaces, lack complex thinking, been indoctrinated in leftist theories, nor have they likely faced consequences of their actions on a consistent basis. They appear to be either corrupted or hopelessly “woke.”

I can’t see how all the communist Chinese can keep a straight face as they watch from a distant shore… I can’t imagine that they could be any happier with the way things are unfolding. Yikes. Rant ended due to space restrictions, not the lack of material to rant about.

As always, we have plenty to offer in these pages, so grab a copy to take with you, you can read as you wait for the fertilizer buggy to fill or while the auto steer tractor does its thing. We thank you for reading and your continued support…