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Let's get back to work.

Today as we send the paper to the printer, May 4 is the day Governor Parsons has indicated that Missourians should begin to scale into getting back to work. Restrictions will still apply. Hand washing, social distancing, and limits on gatherings will apply for some time to come. Sneeze guards that we used to only see on buffets and salad bars will now be seemingly everywhere.

It is time to get back to work (and back to play for some) as we have mostly flattened the curve of the disease. Our health care system has not been overwhelmed. Success! This healthcare system should go back to addressing other needs as well. To act with such a single focus has accomplished a goal of giving us time, but ignoring all other heath needs in the process is no good either.
Those of us in the cattle business know that breeding cattle focused on a single trait doesn't end well. The same is true for our healthcare if it remains focused singularly on one aspect of our healthcare for too long.

We have all learned a lot about this coronavirus. It is complex and highly transmissible and very infectious. "If you have co-morbidities, if you have heart disease, if you have diabetes, if you have asthma, if you have cancer, if you're immunosuppressed" according to Dr. Brix of the national virus taskforce, "all of those issues make you susceptible to a much more difficult course."

We need to continue to shelter and use precautions to those vulnerable. But as a veterinarian told me, you usually quarantine the sick or vulnerable, you don't usually quarantine healthy people.

What do we call this virus?
There is agreement among 17 intelligence agencies that the virus originated from a Wuhan lab, but most believe it was NOT intentionally released. If you can believe U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who said that there is "enormous evidence" that the SARS - CoV-2 virus emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

I believe what you call it depends on your purpose in the discussion and additionally says a lot about your world view. I don't believe most of us have given what to call it any thought. I think the name is worth some thought.

In a lab or drilling down to the science of things, SARS-CoV-2 is pretty accurate. However this is rather cumbersome and not practical for us lay people. This name doesn't work for me.

Very early on and almost universally the media referred to it by The Wuhan Virus. This would be an accurate and traditional name. But then the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda machine began a spin for a different narrative pressing to distance itself from this international problem.

Very quickly then you saw the evolution of a name change. This name didn't work for the Chinese.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese and most American government officials want to call it COVID-19. This name comes from a relatively new and untraditional system for naming viruses promoted by the WHO. The name COVID-19 comes from this naming system specifically designed to avoid any political or regional distinction. I believe that the CCP purchased an undeserving influence in the WHO. If any virus in world history ever deserved political or regional distinction; this one wins in a rout. This name works for the Chinese but doesn't work for me.

President Trump calls it "The China Virus" as he wanted to push back on the CCP spin and wanted to spin it back at the rising competitor in world power and economics. However, this is way too broad a definition. There are far too many viruses originating from China to not focus in deeper. This name obviously doesn't work for the Chinese but works for President Trump. Still it doesn't work for me.

The editorial staff of The Epoch Times newspaper insists in calling it the CCP Virus, not only for its origin, but to focus in on the sinister and disastrous political and policy decisions the CCP role was in this virus rise to a pandemic problem.
The staff at the Epoch Times is strongly western democracy and pro-capitalistic and has been so well before this pandemic. In fact, they have been sounding the alarm of the dangers the Chinese government represent.

The Epoch Times is gaining eyes and ears as the "CCP Virus" exposes the Communist Chinese as the Epoch Times has portrayed them. This name obviously doesn't work for the Chinese, but it could work for President Trump.

The CCP Virus I can use, especially in a political or economic impact conversation. However, it's not the name I prefer. As for me, a conservative traditional guy, Wuhan Virus works for me in the majority of conversations.

If I wanted to slang it up some; I'd call it the Wu-Flu.

Why does it matter what you call the virus?
The name matters because China doesn't deserve any break or distance at all away from it. Especially the CCP is a problem that we (including me) have been way too slow to recognize.

We need to pin the name and the blame for their handling of this pandemic squarely on them. They have earned it. The CCP/Wuhan Virus has done more to expose the China problem than any other of a multitude of situations in the last couple of decades.

China has high aspirations for becoming the dominate world power and have made amazing strides to realizing a dominate position. CCP/Wuhan Virus and the pandemic China has caused is a tragic situation, but has awoken so many as to what China is all about; cheating, lies, theft, violence, brutality, lawlessness and overall bad actions in the norms of humanity.
We need to disengage from China. We need to bring back our supply chains. We need to get wise to their ways. We need to think of America and true allies first.

Let us all stand against Chinese misdirection and propaganda. Join me by calling it either the Wuhan Virus or CCP Virus as an easy place to start.

As always thanks for reading and your continued support.