Jon AngellFrom the Publisher ... Jon Angell

Congratulations to Regina and Ed Woods on the sale of your wonderful meat market and retirement. In my mind, you have built an anchor business in Bowling Green. Many businesses talk of award winning service and products, but at Woods Smoked Meats, they exemplified award winning. Almost to the point of risking being labeled as over-achievers.

I am thrilled to hear it will go on.

Congratulations to the new owners too! Mike Sloan and the crew in the new ownership have an outstanding history and reputation; "award winning" as well. I would speculate that the business is in good hands and this was likely a huge consideration to facilitating the sale.

I will look forward to my occasional stopping in for weekend steaks for grilling and fresh sliced Longhorn cheese. You might consider stopping in as well. If this sounds like an unpaid endorsement, well it is.

It's usually this time of year I enjoy reflecting back on the year behind us in preparation for a new year's arrival. So many years I hold in high regard with fond memories. Like the year I graduated school, bought a farm, got married, welcomed my girls, all milestones and years of positive memories.

When I think back upon 2020, few fond and positive memories volunteer to be recognized. In fact, when it comes to the year 2020, the thought comes to my mind; what a troubled and unloved bastard of a year you are. I can only pray your sour influences are rejected by the years that follow.

So, even though I have a few admittedly bitter thoughts and rants brewing in me, for now I will suppress the urge to let it loose. I want to be a glass half full kind of guy, hopefully we'll just count 2020 as a learning and a hardening experience.

For me, 2020 has one last chance to turn things around. with the Christmas Season. Here is hoping that the good news, love and joy of Christmas can give 2021 a good boost in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued support, Merry Christmas to you all and let’s try to welcome 2021 in a productive and positive way.