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Hay and Haying
Who doesn’t like the idea of raising and baling some of the best hay in your neighborhood? Well this month we bring you a story of the Obermanns and their efforts in producing high quality hay.
Hay and other feed stuffs have been the hot topic for much of the year. This past week, several nice quality round bales sold at the EMCC auction for $65 each. With recent rains and favorable weather in the second half of the growing season, we are going to likely avoid complete disaster as I expect hay and baled corn stalks and the like, although not overly abundant this fall and winter, but certainly available.

Supply ‘Meats’ Demand
Do you remember all the talk we had about that wall of meat heading our way? The consensus not long ago was that we would have to eat our way out of a supply glut of not only beef, but the competing proteins of pork, and chicken. Well, it looks as if we have eaten our way mostly through that with increased demand for proteins, all proteins but most especially BEEF.
The boxed beef market has been amazingly resilient. The gap of wholesale beef prices has widened to a point that chicken and pork are near record levels — levels not seen since the drought-induced price spike in beef in the 2014-2015 period. Currently beef is 3.5 times more expensive compared to chicken and over 3 times more expensive than pork.
This is great news. I’ve always said that as cattle producers we didn’t want to follow the example of the other proteins by going bulk commodity with a single minded “we can do it cheaper” business plan. If that is the case, beef loses and everyone knows it. We are winning the protein battle because we differentiated ourselves as being higher quality, more flavorful, health and wholesome. In short, our value is perceived as way, way, higher and worth the extra spent.
Demand for beef is everywhere. Exports are good and growing still as other populations grow in size and economic influence. In July, U.S. beef exports reached 279 million pounds, up almost 17 percent from 2017, bringing total beef exports for 2018 through July to 15 percent above the same period a year ago. Through July, the major Asian markets for the United States — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines — drove the record pace with a combined share of nearly 65 percent of the volume of exports.
U.S. beef exports to Mexico were up 10 percent year over year, while exports to Canada are 0.7 percent above last year.
Domestic consumption remains great for traditional reasons, as well as many popular health and nutrition diets that feature meat proteins such as Adkins, Paleo, and now an up and coming diet of the moment… Keto.
Beef has such a great story to tell now, and it seems to be getting even better. The demand for beef is clearly benefiting the meat packers the most as they continue to make record profits on their beef businesses… routinely making $250 to $300 per head. The price to the cattle feeder has held but has not advanced as of yet due to the limited open negotiated cash trade and the leverage advantage to the packer. Anticipation of the packer advantage dwindling is high as the supply is expected to tighten soon.
All of this in combination of a big national corn crop and low feed grain prices has sent the feeder cattle market, mostly to higher and profitable levels for sellers.

Reading Quest – The Russia Hoax
As far as useful information... The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump by Gregg Jarrett is probably at the top of the book pile in understanding current events as it comes to our government and governing. The information was abundant and written in an easily understandable way. This has given me such an amazing background of knowledge to make the events of today as they come to light that much more meaningful. Not only explaining the events, but Jarrett a lawyer by training explains the laws involved and how they apply or in some cases how they don’t.
As far as reading pleasure … well, it is about legal stuff, deep state, and the current political morass. Yes it was easily read, understandable and packed with great information, but it did start to drag on a bit. Because events and people were so entangled, there was a certain amount of repetition, backtracking and reviewing that was useful, but somewhat wearing.
Warning: If you were to take the time and effort to read this one, be prepared to look upon everything coming out of Washington, D.C. and politicians in a completely new and completely disenchanted way with how modern government works. Overall, I was extremely glad to have read this one, I would recommend it to patriots and citizens willing to give a darn. I have little doubt that we currently are living in unique and historical times in which the direction, make up, and rules of engagement are yet to be determined. How we move forward as a nation together is up in the air.
In our great American Experiment the founders left to us to preserve and care for, they warned us that it would not work unless America remained a moral and educated people. I’d suggest doing your best to be good, lawful and getting educated.

In closing, once again I ask that you please enjoy the many articles and news stories we have and thanks for your continued support of our paper.